Salt Lake Becoming “Hub” For Thriving Small Businesses

salt-lakeSalt Lake City is quickly becoming a major hub for the business world. With so much expansion, it’s not hard to see why. This is largely due to the work of leaders who have started to gain SLC attention. Just to give a flavor, here are three of the top innovative leaders in the area.

VRx is ranked #3 for the top Utah companies. As a leading health company, they provide certain management services to self-insured employers. This helps many companies do their job right, and also ensures benefits for employees. VRx also runs their own pharmacy, which provides many jobs and opportunities for the area. With so many different pharmaceutical companies, they work to stand out due to real patient care.

The health industry is not forgotten. In fact, this is a booming time for them. Companies like VRx bring attention to the SLC area as the company grows throughout the Mountain West. This will bring more companies to the area, and also add to the expansion of companies already existing as different opportunities become more readily available.

If you haven’t heard of Bohme around your household, you are about to. Bohme is quickly rising as a popular boutique for women. It sells a more upper style of clothing, but still at prices cheaper than retailers such as Dillard’s. The styles themselves are in the new look of classy yet casual, which is arguable why they are so popular.

There are so many shops, big chain stores, and little boutiques that making has never been more difficult. There is always a demand, but only to an extent. One store becoming a major success shows dedication. Making a store go far takes work.

Ranked #507 by Inc. in the country, Bohme is showing that the SLC area is the place to start out of. With plenty of consumers, and room for expansion in the West, it can be done. Stores like Bohme will start to bring more of the retail industry to SLC.

SEO is the epitome of the rise in company optimization. One of the top leading names in online businesses, SEO Pro League is contracted by companies to expand their name. With advertising placement online, social media marketing, and search-optimized web design, they have hacked the system to becoming the first up in a search relating to the business a company is in. SEO is unique overall, from the way that they work, to the way their workers work. Some of their clients include an orem utah carpet cleaning company and a utah fencing company. Similar to Google, treatment of employees is a prime concern of the company. This means that people are more willing to work for them, which is a definite grab-in.

SEO is bringing the web-based, technical business to SLC. They optimized their opportunities and have risen to the top. This is giving SLC a name as they expand and becoming more and more known. This will help bring more of the online scene to the area. In fact, it’s already in the works. Google is setting up a new program called Google Fiber with one of its bases in Salt Lake City and also in Provo. With big names moving in, there are good things in store for SLC.

Finally, as the transportation niche is ever evolving (see Uber, Lyft), you can’t forgot about old fashioned limousine rentals. Utah is home of dozens of limo services, but Utah Limo Service has partnered with several of the downtown corporations (and the mayor) to incentivize business folks to carpool a la limo service to and from work. This has helped the downtown traffic problems in the Salt Lake area.

No matter what business it is, there is room for expansion and creativity in SLC, and that means that there will continue to be leaders who show that the area is ready to be built upon.




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