Will Nootropic Smart Drugs Play a Roll In Political Marketing Campaigns?

Everyone wants more energy, mental stamina and memory. Even politicians and those that market them with the upcoming debates and elections.

Over the past few years, the Addium brain enhancement supplement has taken the world by storm. This tiny pill has enabled thousands of individuals to boost their intelligence, strengthen their memories, and become more efficient than ever before.

And, while there are many nootropic products currently available in today’s market, Addium is one of the only supplements to truly work. When looking at how effective and safe to consume it is, it is no secret why so many people are frantically scrambling to buy as many bottles of it as they possibly can.

The main reason why Addium is such a popular and effective cerebral complex is because of its ability to unlock the potential of the average individual’s brain.

When you consume nootropics and the best smart drugs, it allows you to harness your brain’s power and energy, thus enabling you to be as intelligent, focused, and efficient as possible. This is truly remarkable, and it is why Addium is such a premium complex above the rest of the growing world of cognitive enhancement and brain boosting.

After using this supplement for only a short amount of time, you will immediately notice that it is substantially easier for you to complete tasks, to memorize normally difficult information, and to focus on what is going on around you. Thus, whether you are a student, employee, political leader or just a normal individual, you will benefit greatly from this product.

Addium will allow you to boost your productivity in a way that you have never experienced before. The picture we have in mind is the same one you might remember seeing in the Limitless NZT-48 tv show and movie.

Additionally, these limitless pills will boost your body’s energy levels without making you feel shaky or jittery. Other products, such as energy drinks or caffeine pills, are known for making users feel lightheaded, ill, and jumpy. That is without question exactly why marketers who promote politicians are using them to stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand.

Addium, however, almost never causes consumers to experience these awful side effects, thus making this supplement completely safe to consume. It is by far the best way to wake up your brain and become focused.

As if all of these amazing side effects are not enough, Addium has also been found to improve one’s quality of sleep and overall moods. Users have stated that they feel much more rested since they started to consistently use Addium, and others have claimed to have experienced more stable moods and a generally higher level of happiness. These are fantastic nootropic health benefits that you cannot obtain from any other nootropic product, yet Addium manages to accomplish them all. This is just another reason why all individuals should choose to give Addium a try.

If you have yet to give Addium a try, it is an absolute must that you purchase this product today. Addium has the ability to change your life, and we guarantee that it will do just that once you start to consistently consume it. After using this revolutionary supplement, you will be energized, focused, driven, and an overall better version of yourself.

You deserve to unlock all of your true potential and be as efficient as you possibly can. Once you start using this product, we guarantee that you will love it as much as we do.


MAPS is a breath of fresh air in an industry plagued with scrutiny

Unlike the thriving MLM company of My Advertising Pays, a lot of MLM’s are getting themselves into deep trouble lately. Turns out the SEC absolutely hates it when financial businesses don’t pay them respect by registering with them. Fail to register your investment company and they’ll be all over you. Next thing you know, the Press will be on your backs too. That in turn makes regular law-abiding folk get all worked up and before you know it, some politician sees opportunity to make his mark and take up the cause.

That’s exactly what’s happening to Emgoldex … and things aren’t looking good for the gold investing network marketing company with offices all over the world. To be clear, the SEC warning is against “Emgoldex Philippines”.

Investment Opportunity or Sales Job?

Emgoldex Philippines may not have registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because they don’t consider their company to be an investment company.

They word their affiliate program (like the one shown in this video) as rewarding members for bringing in new buyers of gold. But at what point does an affiliate reward system become an investment scheme?

Turns out that’s up to the SEC, not Emgoldex.

In an ABC news piece covering the SEC’s warning against Emgoldex Philippines, the SEC is quoted as saying Emgoldex is “luring the public to invest for a promise of high returns”. Indeed, Emgoldex promises payouts of $8000 simply for buying $800 worth of gold.

That simply can’t be sustained, which means the entire thing is built upon getting new members to bring in more cash infusions to support the payouts. Digital Altitude on the other hand, has a compensation plan that is set up much differently and doesn’t have to rely on new members to fund the payouts. With Emgoldex, when the new memberships dry up, it all crumbles down and people lose money. That, in a nutshell, is the definition of a Pyramid Scheme.

In any case, the SEC has deemed Emgoldex Philippines to be an investment company, and therefore is required to register. Since they haven’t, they are not authorized to sell investment opportunities or even to solicit them from the public.

They’ve Been in Trouble Before

Emgoldex is basically a revived version of the older, problem-plagued TelexFree Inc. TelexFree was an internet phone service company whose owners (US citizens) have been charged with criminal fraud.

Emgoldex is being investigated in Columbia and Panama as well. In the US, the SEC is aiming its scrutiny and its warnings against Emgoldex Philippines. However, the US arm of Emgoldex, called Emgoldex Team USA Inc, is also starting to draw attention of the public and of politicians.

It seems you can’t simply change your name or set up operations in a different country and escape your past…especially if you’re conducting the same business in all your branches. What got you in trouble before will probably get you in trouble again.

Things don’t seem to be going well for Emgoldex Team USA, whose website is now a GoDaddy landing page. As for Emgoldex Philippines, they’ve been “disowned” by Emgoldex, who claims the Philippines “branch” (if that’s what it is) is using the Emgoldex name without authorization. Indeed, Emgoldex has a statement on their site warning customers about the “fraudulent” Philippines wing.

But is the wing any different from the body organization? They both promise disproportionately huge payouts based on low investments. They both push recruiting heavily. They both run a high-yield high-risk investment scheme. Whatever pans out in the end, investors: you’ve been warned!



The Business Politics Behind Total Life Changes Health and Beauty Products

Total Life Changes (TLC) sells a variety of health and beauty supplements for almost any purpose. Although this might have started out as a small business, it is now selling from their different product lines. Having a small business doesn’t mean you can’t hit it big, it’s just the start of an amazing journey in being an entrepreneur and marketer.

Total Life Changes now has over 30 products sold on the market, the most popular way to purchase products sold by TLC is through the various product “kits” sold by TLC. These kits contain a variety of products with the sole goal of improving your health in some way or another. Here is everything you need to know about the kits sold by TLC.

The Five Total Life Changes Kits

In total, there are five kits sold by Total Life Changes. Each of the kits is designed to help you in a specific way. These are the kits sold by TLC:

total life changes beauty kitHealth Kit
As you could expect, the health kit is designed to improve your overall health and wellness. There are three products in the health kit, which include: Iaso tea, IAO Nutra Burst, and IAO Gano. All three of these products work in a different manner to improve your health.

The Iaso tea is an effective cleansing solution, Nutra burst is a multi-vitamin on steroids, and the Iaso gano uses an ancient Chinese herb to improve over a dozen aspects of your life. If one thing is for certain, it’s that your body will be thanking you after you go through the health kit.

Beauty Kit
The Beauty Kit is the first of two kits designed to help you reverse the effects of aging. In fact, the goal of the beauty kit is to provide you with healthier, radiant skin within the first 30 days of use.

The beauty kit comes with the Iaso Ojos Eye Repair cream, the Iaso Sol Daytime Repair Cream, and the Luna Night Time Repair Cream. As you can see, the three products work together to provide you with cellular rejuvenation and repair around the clock so you can restore your skin to a vibrant, youthful appearance.

Beauty Kit 2
The second beauty kit contains three new products sold by TLC. The three products are the Iaso Skin Renique, Iaso Emu Oil, and Iaso Skin Duo. Unfortunately, we do not have much information about these three products, but they appear to work slightly differently than the original beauty kit, although the end result appears to be the same.

Energy Kit
Need something to give you an extra pep to your step in the morning? The energy kit is designed to do just that. This kit contains Iaso Tea, Iaso NRG, and Iaso Nutra Burst to supply you with a steady flow of energy so you can tackle any obstacle that gets in your way.

Weight Loss Kit
The final kit is the weight loss kit, which contains Iaso tea and Iaso Delgada to help rev up your metabolism and cleanse the digestive tract of toxins and parasites. This is by far the most popular kit sold by TLC and it’s one of the most highly rated kits by Total Life Changes customers.

Together, Iaso tea and Iaso Café Delgada work to naturally facilitate weight loss, leaving you with a healthier, slimmer body. If you’re looking for a natural solution to help you lose some extra weight, then you simply must try the weight loss kit.

You can read any number of Total Life Changes reviews out there that explain what each product does, the benefits vs side effects and if it is right for you.

These are the five product kits sold by TLC. Of course, you can opt to make your own kit by buying each product individually, although the kits do come in handy if one aspect of your health is lacking behind the rest of your health. We recommend you check out the kits as well as individual products to see which option is best for you.


Building a Successful Business with Dubli Network

Do you aspire to have your own business and become a successful entrepreneur?

If you do, keep on reading because we are going to tell you about one of the fastest growing companies in the online marketing realm, that has taken the industry by storm for its appealing products and services.

If you like to hang around the network marketing space, you may have heard of Team Wukar and Dubli Network by now, a company that is creating tremendous opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

About the Company:

dubli-network-benefitsDubli is a global marketing company that offers affiliates an opportunity to build an everlasting business. As a Dubli affiliate, you could generate earnings from thousands and thousands of products or services that people purchase online on a daily basis.

The company specializes in selling memberships that allow customers to save big, when they make online purchases through Dubli Network’s shopping portal.

The strategy that is being adopted by the company is rewarding people for their own marketing efforts via a referral-based commission program.

One of the key aspects of Dubli is that the company is not only attracting affiliates but also customers who want to take advantage of the savings. This fact makes Dubli a great multilevel marketing company since they have a product that can stand on his own feet, which people want and desire.

Since its initial launched the company has become the world’s largest selling e-commerce with more than 22000-business associates in over a hundred countries. You can find sites like International Organization of Securities Commissions that talk about the safey and security of shopping sites like Dubli that offer commissions to affiliates who refer new shoppers and members.

Dubli Network Benefits

Before joining Dubli as a business opportunity is important to know some of the benefits that the company can offer:

As a Dubli Network affiliate you can enjoy the flexibility and the much-needed scalability in your business. This is different than the popular cashback monitor program.

You can feel free to set your own schedule and work at the demand of your financial goals. Most importantly, you can utilize word-of-mouth marketing in order to drive traffic and transactions to the Dubli shopping portal. Revenue generated from these online transactions can help you build a rewarding career.

On the other hand, this opportunity can also be utilized as a successful second income source. It is to be noted that the business associates are not restricted by their geographical locations and hence, the potential for developing a successful organization is large.

How Dubli Network Differs?

Dubli is special because it offers affiliates a chance to promote something that no other marketing company offers. The network is providing a way for associates to make money every time customers buys anything through the Dubli shopping portal. This is unique because as an affiliate you don’t have to change your customers buying habits but simply provide them with a way to save on products their buying already.

Remember, this is new network marketing business and depends on your effort and energy input. None of this is going to be completely cut and dry, black and white. There is always risk involved, just ask any politician or weatherman (haha).

This fact makes it easier for associates to earn by just sharing the benefits of online shopping with people they interact with every day.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a sole proprietor, a marketer or an investors you can take advantage of this opportunity.


Salt Lake Becoming “Hub” For Thriving Small Businesses

salt-lakeSalt Lake City is quickly becoming a major hub for the business world. With so much expansion, it’s not hard to see why. This is largely due to the work of leaders who have started to gain SLC attention. Just to give a flavor, here are three of the top innovative leaders in the area.

VRx is ranked #3 for the top Utah companies. As a leading health company, they provide certain management services to self-insured employers. This helps many companies do their job right, and also ensures benefits for employees. VRx also runs their own pharmacy, which provides many jobs and opportunities for the area. With so many different pharmaceutical companies, they work to stand out due to real patient care.

The health industry is not forgotten. In fact, this is a booming time for them. Companies like VRx bring attention to the SLC area as the company grows throughout the Mountain West. This will bring more companies to the area, and also add to the expansion of companies already existing as different opportunities become more readily available.

If you haven’t heard of Bohme around your household, you are about to. Bohme is quickly rising as a popular boutique for women. It sells a more upper style of clothing, but still at prices cheaper than retailers such as Dillard’s. The styles themselves are in the new look of classy yet casual, which is arguable why they are so popular.

There are so many shops, big chain stores, and little boutiques that making has never been more difficult. There is always a demand, but only to an extent. One store becoming a major success shows dedication. Making a store go far takes work.

Ranked #507 by Inc. in the country, Bohme is showing that the SLC area is the place to start out of. With plenty of consumers, and room for expansion in the West, it can be done. Stores like Bohme will start to bring more of the retail industry to SLC.

SEO is the epitome of the rise in company optimization. One of the top leading names in online businesses, SEO Pro League is contracted by companies to expand their name. With advertising placement online, social media marketing, and search-optimized web design, they have hacked the system to becoming the first up in a search relating to the business a company is in. SEO is unique overall, from the way that they work, to the way their workers work. Some of their clients include an orem utah carpet cleaning company and a utah fencing company. Similar to Google, treatment of employees is a prime concern of the company. This means that people are more willing to work for them, which is a definite grab-in.

SEO is bringing the web-based, technical business to SLC. They optimized their opportunities and have risen to the top. This is giving SLC a name as they expand and becoming more and more known. This will help bring more of the online scene to the area. In fact, it’s already in the works. Google is setting up a new program called Google Fiber with one of its bases in Salt Lake City and also in Provo. With big names moving in, there are good things in store for SLC.

Finally, as the transportation niche is ever evolving (see Uber, Lyft), you can’t forgot about old fashioned limousine rentals. Utah is home of dozens of limo services, but Utah Limo Service has partnered with several of the downtown corporations (and the mayor) to incentivize business folks to carpool a la limo service to and from work. This has helped the downtown traffic problems in the Salt Lake area.

No matter what business it is, there is room for expansion and creativity in SLC, and that means that there will continue to be leaders who show that the area is ready to be built upon.